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Hard No's; Heart Knows

It's Tuesday, July 27th, 2021. Numerologically, it's a '3' day (did you feel your creativity flowing freely?), and biodynamically, it was a 'flower' period this morning and a 'leaf' period tonight.

This morning (early! 3:49 am) I was wakened and immediately knew there was someone who wanted some clearing done. I took 'dictation:'

  • Escapism/Escape

  • Compromised by hunger

  • Water-filled caskets and desecration of graves

It was a seemingly odd collection of issues. I dozed back off until my phone call with 'The Girls' at 8:00am. That was a fascinating conversation, too...about Walk-Ins.

Before I finished the call, Dale was walking in (yes, funny!) with a smoothie. Followed shortly thereafter by Linden.

Since the overview of the week (which I shared yesterday) warned us of a 'Blast from the Past,' it was fascinating what showed up next: a sequence of events that provided an opportunity for me to present boundaries.

It was reminiscent of a scene from 2006,

addressing 2 of the above 3 things to clear.

Have I progressed? Another wake-up call?

After a lovely diversion this afternoon (thank you, Bryn and Tyler - 'The Seussical' play was fabulous!) I drove home in extreme pouring rain to find this info on the calendar...

Okay - is this the third thing? Pretty curious, right?!

Is there a message in the rain, in this calendar page, or somewhere in the news?

No matter. I'll clear it and burn some Tansy; take some Eucalyptus Wormwood Tincture and call it an early night.

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