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Full Throttle

TGIF - March 26, 2021. It's a '7' day, numerologically (wear purple; seek your own Highest Guidance); and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

The waxing moon last night really worked a number on my would be very interesting to know: where do we go energetically when we drop our bodies to sleep? Why can't I remember when I wake up??

I prepped for a call with my instructor, creating the sequence of steps that I imagine it will take for me to finish with my studies, and stated for the record when we spoke that this work is honestly not a priority in my life at this precise moment. I know that it will come together in Divine & Perfect Timing.

Since it's a 'fruit' day, I decided I would make some time to plant some fruits: tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.

Do you have a favorite tomato?

Aren't these seeds tiny?

I am excited to grow some "Solar Flare," some "Moskevitch," and "Cherokee Carbon."

How about peppers? Eggplant?

Every year I hope my eggplants will do well...

They like heat and Epsom salts (go, Magnesium!). Then again, Vermont is not the Mediterranean.

And then a quick trip to Erkine's...I am so happy they are willing to take orders over the phone, so I could replenish the potting soil/seed starter....

Now, I am preparing for the Potluck tonight, excited to learn more about 'Correcting my Status.'

This is perfect for today's Gate 17: Line 3 - Understanding

"The awareness that the best road is not necessarily the most interesting.

Exaltation: The following of the best road provides the experience necessary to meet the challenge of the road's end. The understanding that the best opinions are grounded in detail.

Detriment: The taking of short cuts. One may get to the end quicker, but essential experience will be missing. The possibility of skipping details and limiting the value of the opinion."

At this point in my life, I've realized that I get corrected by the Universe if I try to take shortcuts...

I'm remembering that I'm navigating myself (at full throttle!) from a Higher Place.

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