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First Advent

It's Sunday, November 29th, 2020. It's an 8 day, which feels auspicious, being the first advent.

Growing up in Germany, I loved the 'Adventskrantz,' with its four candles - and the sense of counting down the Sundays to Christmas.

It's happening here, too - my neighbors, the Gordons, have wreaths and trees for sale...

Do you set up a Christmas Tree?

When do you start getting ready?

It seems that each year folks start getting ready earlier and earlier...'s the humorous advice shared by my funny friends in the UK.

Hilarious, right?

What I am excited about, though, is the fact that Neptune went direct again yesterday, after being retrograde since June 22nd.

Cal Garrison shared some insights, which are pretty fascinating.

I'm also excited that tomorrow is a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

The energies around all of these planetary influences are enough to make you feel 'blistered' (a Brigham term).

Let alone today's energy of Gate 9:Line 3 "The straw that breaks the camel's back; The overlooked minor element that always predetermines failure."

Are you feeling a bit of this?

Maybe it's just good to keep all of this in perspective, as we move forwards; holding a vision of what would feel easy, joyful, healthy, and sustainable...and taking determined baby steps in that direction. This year, this wreath might be enough.

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