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It's Sunday, May 2nd; numerologically a '3' day (did you wear something yellow?) and biodynamically, still a 'fruit' day.

Today I watched the weather move from being rather warm this morning, through a brief cloudburst, to being lovely and crisp again this evening.

I loved catching up with my Soul-Sister, Mary Pat, who stayed for an afternoon visit with Heather, Sue, and Stacey (who brought some lovely, home-cooked - do I say homemade? - maple syrup). Yum!

A few very interesting things came up over the course of our conversation, including a need for greater awareness of all of the components of our biological, electro-magnetic, chemical makeup. As we sat by the fire, I realize that we still need to activate & utilize all the senses we know about, before activating any more, such as any of the 'clairs.'

After Heather and Mary Pat left, Sue noticed a bobcat had made an appearance, quietly traversing a tree that had slid into the river.

Yes, we looked it up. Seemed to work well with the energy of the last day of

"Gate 24: Line 6 - The gift horse The possibility of being deaf when opportunity knocks. Exaltation: The conscious participation in a process that prepares one for easy identification of opportunity. Identification and focus with the rational thought process."

I'm trusting that opportunities will continue to show up with synchronicity and joy. That the beautiful alignment of natural components (electro-magnetic, chemical, & biological) within my human body will keep me functioning at peak capacity and provide me with the ability to participate in the manner I agreed to in the Earth Experience, within my Human Design.

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