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Today is Saturday, February 20th and this is my 333rd blog post!

Doreen Virtue says this number means I am "completely surrounded by Ascended Masters." That feels about right for today...which is also a '9' day, numerologically, and a 'root' day, biodynamically.

I was grateful to make it through my Zoom 'class' this morning. There is still an element of timing that I am working on, with regards to writing my proposal. I trust the inspiration to flow like sap in about a month...

This afternoon was dedicated to snow shoveling the roof. Part of living in snow country, really. The metal roof on the house sheds snow beautifully; the barn is not so willing to let it go...

Enter: the Ascended Masters!

How grateful am I to have the right people show up at the right time!

We shoveled above and below for about 5 hours. There were moments when I laughed out loud, thinking about how much time is dedicated to snow removal here - when in about a month and a half, it will be melting on its own...

Have you ever found yourself engaged in something that struck you as hilarious or ridiculous?

And then, there's Anne. Who shoveled with intention and purpose for other reasons today. (Thanks for letting me share this, Anne!)

Coming in to find this lovely photo was such an inspiration. Look at the angle of the photo - taken from above.

How right was Doreen, huh?

Definitely surrounded by Ascended Masters...

It's our time to stay inspired and inspiring!

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